Zamazal: I like the fact that we can play teams from different parts of Europe

10.11.2017 | zik

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At Prague Masters, you can almost every year watch two well-known Czech Television commentators: Robert Záruba and Ondřej Zamazal. However, they're looking slightly different than on TV. Instead of a sleek suit, they're wearing a sweaty jersey, and they're holding a floorball stick, not a microphone. Their performances might not be as flawless as on TV, but their enthusiasm for sport is apparent. While Záruba is not at the tournament this year, Zamazal has arrived with a team whose name is partly comprehensible even for foreign opponents: Torza Sorry.

The always smiling Zamazal is a passionate about floorball. He has been playing since the 1990s. "I have begun with floorball at my high school in Litvínov. I remember a fellow student approached me and asked me if we want to join the school league in floorball. I didn't know much about the game, but I immediately fell in love with it. Since then, I've experienced some incredible things with floorball. I have been playing for 22 years now."


Zamazal is a floorball broadcaster on Czech Television. But whenever he can, he jumps over the mantinel and goes to play. That's why he enjoys November Prague Masters very much. "I think I've missed the Prague Masters only once since 2011. With Torza Sorry – our legendary team that currently plays in Prague and Central Bohemia League – we regulary go to the Czech Open. I last missed this summer sport and social event a year ago when I was at the Summer Olympics in Rio."


And he goes on: "I like the fact that we can play teams from different parts of Europe. At Czech Open, for example, we have already defeated the champions of Ukraine, Italy, Germany etc. (To appreciate our own performances, we consider each opponent as the champion of its country. :-)) I generally think all the tournaments that the Vaculík brothers and their crew do are perfectly organized."


Torza lost twice during the opening day of this year's tournament. Zamazal, who plays defense, has one assist so far. And his goals at Prague Masters? "It's simple: to survive, not to get hurt and –  when we do not face opponents like Sveiva (as on Thursday morning) – to have fun. :-)"

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