Why Prague Masters? We wanted to help veteran floorball, says Martin Vaculík

10.11.2017 | zik

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Why don't we set up an international tournament for floorball veterans? The brothers Martin and Tomáš Vaculík got this bold idea sometime in early 2006. So they sent out a message to floorball veterans around the world: come to Prague for a new, unforgettable tournament! A few months later, in November 2006, the first Prague Masters took place.

Vaculík brothers had a good reason to start the tournament: they wanted to play the game. "First there was the Czech Open, which was a historic milestone. From this, Prague Games evolved as a younger brother. And since these two projects were successful, we said we should set up something where we could play, too," explains Martin Vaculík.

And he goes on: "We wanted to do something for the "older" generation. And I think the tournament helped develop veteran floorball in a number of countries, for example in Norway or Switzerland."

Not only Prague Games and Czech Open, but also Prague Masters is evolving. This year 83 teams from eleven countries are participating in the tournament, which is a new record. "Level of play goes up," Vaculík agrees. "New and new players are coming. When people from Pixbo arrive or a team with a Swedish national team coach, these are pretty good players. I would personally welcome a new, 55+ category, because it's hard for me to keep up with forty-year olds," he laughs.

As time goes on, health is becoming more important than results. "The best thing about the tournament, for me, is when I don't get hurt. I enjoy it, I play some games, I meet my old friends, but the most important thing for me is to survive the tournament without an injury," Martin Vaculík concludes with a smile.

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