The Swedish Legend Lockerund won the Prage Masters championship in the men over 40 years category.

12.11.2016 | Tomáš Rambousek

Lockerund did not have a difficult opponent in the Czech team Hattrick from Brno. The Czechs only had eight field players and tremendous respect. Esa Karjalainen shot the first goal in a manner typical for him. An ugly shot for afar hit the corner of the goalpost.

The tall member of the Swedish legendary team of champions five times over set the scene for the second goal during power play as well. Keij Pollari took an advantage of it and scored. Although the goalkeeper Michal Jensa managed a great intervention right before halftime, he was not able to stop another shot right after that. When Kens Karlsson provided the Swedish team with their fourth goal, they could be sure of victory.

Only then did the first Hattrick team success come, when David Krejci followed up on Reichel's action. Tvo minutes before the end of the match Petr Komon scored, but that was the last goal of this years' Prague Masters and it changed nothing about IBK Lockerund's triumph.

The club that ruled Sweedish floorball from 1987 to 1992 can now add another prestigious trophy to their collection.

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