The Coach of Swedish national team: "On the international scene, floorball is heading in the right direction."

11.11.2016 | Gustav Ondrejčík

Foto: Pavel Růžička
The guru of Swedish floorball, the couch of the Swedish national team Jan-Erik Vaara, came to Prague to take part in the Prague Masters championship for the first time.

His taking part in the championship was not planned in advance. "I decided on Wednesday, bought the tickets and came, because it is always pleasurable to meet old friends and teammates. We really enjoy the matches that we play together." he explained.


This is his first participation in Prague Masters. "We know from the national team that Czech Republic is good at hosting such events and everything works fine." he praises the organization of the Prague championship. 


When asked to introduce his team - IBK Lockerund - he smiled. "We are not young and something aches all the time, but we will remember this event for a long time." he joked a bit. "Our main goal here is to have fun, but of course we want to win our matches as well - even though there are many matches and that makes it harder for us."


In just a month's time, the world championship will take play in Riga. "I look forward to my sixth world championship. I think Riga will be Great." Vaara foretells. Has he already decided who will play there? "We are still considering several names. The final decision will be made on Monday." he described. 


We also talked about the development in floorball. "I think that on the international scene, floorball is heading in the right direction. However, we made a few steps backwards in Sweden. We need to develop floorball even more than in the past." he finished our interview.

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