One Latvian, one Swedish and four Czech teams are headed for the final.

12.11.2016 | Gustav Ondrejčík

Foto: Pavel Růžička
The eleventh Prague Masters tournament is approaching the grand finale. The semi-finals are finished in the Hamr Braník hall - and most teams to participate in the final matches are from the host country!

At 15:00, the match for the gold medal in the female category will begin. Vítkovice bested the Finnish Lillvreta team in the semi-finals and will now face the Prague based team Elite Elements that won over the Bohemians team 4:2. The MVP of Vítkovice is Alice Pavlikova with seven points. Sylva Gaidova has the same amount of points, but not as many goals. On the other hand, Elite has the former A team from Vinohrady Monika Petrenkova and Barbora Reichova. And last but not least, there is the former captain of the Czech national team Zuzana Macurova. 

An hour later the final of the men over 35 years category will begin and it will surely offer a lot of excitement. It was the Czech Hlasna and the Latvian Riga team to pass the semi-finals. Roman Petrzela stands out on the Hlasna team with 12 points - but Riga has defeated all opponents so far without breaking a sweat - and two of their players, Peteris Freimanis and Ainars Juskevics, have achieved outstanding 17 points. 

The final match of the championship will start at 17:00, and the gold medal in the men over fourty years will be at stake. The Hattrick team from Brno, Czech Republic, will compete against the Swedish Lockerud team. The Swedish have a titan amongst their ranks; the coach of the Swedish national team Jan-Erik Vaara plays with number 8 in their team. Hattrick only fought its way to the final through a shootout. Their MVP so far is David Krejci with 15 points and awe inspiring 12 goals shot throughout the course of the championship. 

Semi-finals of the women over 30 category: 
1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice Selection - Lillvreta - even stronger and faster than ever 4:1
FBŠ Bohemians ženy B - Elite Elements Team 2:4

Semi-finals of the men over 35 category:
FBI Přírodní vany - Riga 2:5
Sparta 66 Masters - Hlásná 0:1

Semi-finals of the men over 40 category:
Divupe 2 - FBŠ Hattrick Brno 1:2 po náj.
IBK Lockerud Veterans - Umea City Veterans 5:3

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